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Invest in yourself. Have you considered the value of your body? What would it cost to rebuild you?

I was recently in Florence, Italy, and walking through the museums we were told by a guide that many of the pieces created by famous artists like Michael Angelo and Leonardo DiVinci are considered to be priceless. They are so valuable that you simply cannot put a value on a piece of their artwork.

Obviously, we are each the same in that aspect. You are priceless. No one can recreate you. Sure, we can put a price tag on replacing certain parts of your body like a joint. However, other parts, like your brain and spinal cord, can simply not be replaced. There is no price tag, there is only one version of you. Sort of like the art work in Italy, only you are alive here and now.

My point? Take great care of yourself. Invest in yourself and your body far more than you do material things.

As wellness focused chiropractors, we often see people neglect their health for decades, lose it, and then faced with the grim reality of how important health is, they suddenly become willing to travel any distance and pay any price for the hope of regaining health. Please, do not be that person!

Invest in yourself now- you are truly priceless so treat yourself that way! Eat high quality food. Eat in a calm, quiet, thankful state of mind. Exercise and move your body daily (walking is still the best way.) Remove major stressors in your life because stress will kill you.

Finally, take steps to take care of yourself before health problems arise. Like you do your teeth. Stay flexible in your spine and straight in your alignment with chiropractic care , maintain great posture, and change your lifestyle if told you need a blood pressure or cholesterol medication.

You are worth more than any piece of art. You are unique and wonderfully made.