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Drawing a line between chiropractic care and allergies



Do you find yourself sneezing during certain times of the year? Endure a runny, stuffy nose or even swollen red eyes when a certain plant is in full bloom? You might be suffering from allergies but not to worry too much. The common name that we all know for this allergy is hay fever.


How about itching and hives all over that certain spot on your arm where those wasps took offense when you got too close to them in the backyard and stung? That edema, or sting, is just one of the red flags that tip you off there’s an insect sting allergy at play.


Much more than an inconvenience


We’re not trying to suggest that allergies need to be taken lightly. In fact, the reaction your body has when your immune system reacts in an unusual way to a foreign substance like pet dander, smoke or even pollen can be much more than an inconvenience.


When you have allergies your immune system takes control and create antibodies that highlight a particular allergen as harmful. The symptoms depend on the type of irritant involved but they can affect skin, nasal passages, sinuses and even the digestive system.


There are even allergies that can trigger a much more severe reaction called anaphylaxis. Severe shortness of breath, a drop in blood pressure as well as nausea and vomiting are symptoms of a harsh reaction that is usually triggered by allergies to food and quite often insect bites.


Common food allergies and labels  


Being proactive is an important way to stay safe. The Food Allergy Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 (FALCPA) is there to help by mandating if any of the eight most common food allergens are present in products. Looking for those labels as well as the ones that say “ might contain “ and “ may contain” is another good way to prevent an allergic episode . Medications can have side effects and those that have decongestants can even raise your blood pressure.


Natural Chiropractic Relief


A big part of any relief you’ll find is natural. A chiropractor can help to keep the alignment between the brain and spinal cord working the way it should and that’s the highway between the all important immune and respiratory systems. Keeping that “roadway” clear means clearing the path for a stronger immune system to do its work. When your immune system is strong and healthy, you’re better able to deal with allergies.


It makes sense when people look to chiropractors to help them with their allergies when you look at the problem this way. Here’s a few different concepts about how to strengthen that all important immune system so you can fight allergies naturally.


Why having a stiff straight backbone matters


If you look at your immune system as the highway between your backbone and brain, you’ll see how important it is to keep your spine aligned perfectly with the help of a chiropractor. Subluxations is the technical term these professionals use to describe a variety of misalignments in the vertebrae . You might be surprised to find out that this situation which constantly evolves actually starts with an excess of blood in any certain area or a dysfunction of the joints that causes the muscles to react in a certain way.


Although this is a technical term, many of these professionals will tell you it’s the culprit for many different health concerns and one of the reasons your immune system can be compromised making your allergies worse.


No one should underestimate the cost of allergies to the American society. Estimates place the combined price tag of healthcare and missed time from work at billions of dollars each year. By manipulating the joints and soft tissue, a chiropractor can help with the onset of allergies by taking a holistic approach.


Looking At The Whole Person


They specialize in taking a look at the larger picture to find the origins of any issues you are suffering through. One of these experienced practitioners follows a standard routine and asks a variety of questions to gain a complete view. For example, a chiropractor might ask you about your lifestyle—how you deal with stress and if you exercise as well as what you eat. Combined with a physical examination that can include tests as well as a variety of x-rays, one of these experts will make a diagnosis about the most likely causes for your painful condition.


Getting Started


Choosing the right chiropractor is a big part of getting your allergy issues straightened out. If you’re building in addition to your home it’s important to make sure the frame gets put together by a carpenter who uses the right tools and it’s the same with one of these specialists.


Ask any prospective chiropractor if they use their hands for treatments or instruments. Find out which techniques they are most familiar with, there are generally 4 to 5, and if they have experience treating an issue that’s similar to the one you have.


Additional services


Find out if the chiropractor offers any additional services that might be useful like nutritional counseling, strength training, massage and even exercise instruction. Remember, if you need your car fixed you go to a licensed auto mechanic and not someone who will work on the tires only.


It’s a mistake to rely on your general practitioner when you’re having difficulties with your back or spine. Early primary care physicians don’t have the training that’s needed to look after the problems associated with your back and that’s why relying on one of these doctors for too long can only make the problem worse.


Wheezing and coughing


There’s no need to resign yourself to wheezing coughing and sniffling during hay fever season anymore. Finding the right chiropractor is a great way to get you the help you need with your allergies because these professionals understand how to draw a line from your brain to your spine and immune system that will provide the relief you’re looking for.