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The natural approach to solving allergies…

Did you know?

Patients receiving spinal adjustments result in long term alleviation from Allergies…

  • Asthma and many allergic reactions are caused by a hypersensitive immune system and/or respiratory system, for your immune system and respiratory system to function well, they must rely on healthy communication from the brain and the spinal cord.
  • When the upper cervical spinal joint is irritated, it can provoke or worsen asthmatic and allergic symptoms.
  • More medication is a bad idea! According to the Mayo Clinic, allergy shots have dangerous side effects and may cause Anaphylaxis, low blood pressure, and trouble breathing.
  • Allergy medicines that have decongestants can raise blood pressure and create heart palpitations.

Patient Testimonial

“I grew up with allergies every year as a child. My every other month visit to the allergy clinic to get my allergy shot became routine but was always dreaded.  My face would swell up , my congestion was so bad it was hard for me to talk and breathe.  I always thought I was just one of those unlucky people that suffers more from allergies then others every year. When I started receiving adjustments at Health Quest, I learned about the immune system response in my body. After being under care for only a week, I was showing major improvements.  Now I may get one small allergy attack per year, when I do I visit my doctor at Health Quest and find great relief!  If you are tired from suffering, chiropractic is the best solution! Thank you Health Quest, I do not miss my swollen allergy face at all and now I can enjoy all of the beautiful seasons!”

-ERIC M. Albuquerque NM