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Can Allergies Cause Neck Pain Headaches?

If you’ve ever suffered from allergies and neck pain headaches, you already know how an allergic response to airborne pollen and dander can make your body feel. From a runny nose to watery eyes, itchy skin to congestion, allergies can affect every waking moment. In addition to this routine discomfort, you may have also noticed more body aches and pain during this time.

These flu-like symptoms aren’t unheard of. Muscle tension is a natural response to exposure to allergens. Understanding the reason for this muscle tension, knowing how it can affect your body and seeking the right kind of treatment can help you manage your symptoms.

Seasonal Allergies and Neck Pain

Constant coughing and sneezing can cause a frequent flexing of the muscles in the neck, shoulders and chest, resulting in muscle tension and pain. Inflammation caused by exposure to allergens can exacerbate this problem, leading to more pain in the joints and muscles.

As allergies worsen, this muscle tension and pain can build up, resulting in limited mobility and a feeling of flu-like illness. Some people have difficulty sleeping when experiencing allergies. Poor sleep can also lead to muscle pain and weakness, making the problem worse.

Neck Pain Can Cause Headaches

Neck pain can spread, radiating into the scalp. This is essentially a tension headache. For a typical allergy sufferer, this kind of headache can be exacerbated by congestion. The combined effect of muscle tension and congestion can be debilitating for the patient.

How Spinal Adjustment Helps

Spinal adjustment is an effective method for reducing inflammation and regulating the immune system. By realigning the vertebrae, chiropractic care can help ensure that the body responds appropriately to allergens, reducing the body’s allergic response.

Patients who get regular chiropractic treatments can experience reduced allergy symptoms, fewer headaches and less pain in the joints and neck. For best results, start seeing your chiropractor before allergy season even begins. Your chiropractor can help you manage your pain and discomfort.

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