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How you feel is a poor indicator of your health. We have been taught this principle before through dentistry, oncology, and cardiology.

By the time you have pain in your mouth from a cavity, the cavity has typically been present for many years. This is the major reason that dentists recommend regular cleanings.

Cancer is detected only after a large enough group of cancer cells have either begun to cause problems, or when there are enough cells to detect on a scan. Studies show that most cancers are present for years before being detected.

The first symptom of heart disease for most folks is the heart attack itself. You do not feel clogged arteries.

And spinal health is also similar to these examples. By the time you feel pain in your back or neck, the degeneration and inflammation from a spinal subluxation have typically been present for years.

Prevention is a far better strategy than reaction when it comes to your health and wellness. This is why we say chiropractic care is true health care, not just sick care.