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Your spine is a remarkable creation. It is designed to protect the most important organ system in your body, your central nervous system. It is, in fact, the only organ in your body that has its very own protective skeletal structure, your spine.

Your nervous system is the first organ to form when you are born. All of the other organs grow off of the spinal cord as you are developing as an embryo, similar to how fruit grows off of the branches on a tree.

Everything that you do is related back to your central nerve system. How you see and interpret these words in your brain, how you coordinate your drive to work, how you feel a hug, taste chocolate, and love a child, are all functions of the nerves coordinating your environment, brain, and body. This is the organ system that brings all of the 75 trillion different cells inside your body together to function and thrive.

Chiropractic care is the ultimate form of wellness health care. When you are out of alignment, you do not function as well as you are designed to. These spinal misalignments are called subluxations. Lux means light. Sub means less than. So a subluxation literally means, “less light” inside of your body! Your energy levels, creative mind, problem solving skills, and ability to cope and adapt to the stress of your complex life is all dependent on how well your central nervous system is functioning.

This is why we are such passionate educators at Health Quest. This is why we take care of so many infants, children, and teenagers along with the adults and seniors that you will see in our offices. Because once you experience the release, and subsequent nerve flow to your brain, after a great adjustment, you instantly realize how powerful and deep an adjustment impacts your body.

This conversation often leads to questions asking whether we treat and cure serious disease, like cancer, with adjustment? The answer is no. We also do not treat neck pain, arm numbness, acid reflux, depression, colic, or ear infections. Yes, people come to us each day for all of these different issues. But, the secret to the care that we provide is that we are simply stimulating and firing up the nerves in your body with an adjustment. Because these nerves go to all parts of your body, the impact can be profound. Whether you are looking for that special health advantage or need an extra edge to help your body heal and repair from an injury or chronic problem, chiropractic care is the ultimate form of health care.