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Chiropractic Services Rio Rancho, NM

If you live near Rio Rancho you can now receive chiropractic services close to home

Did you know that many ailments in your body are actually caused by a misalignment of the neck and spine? It is true! Chiropractic services, done by a licensed medical professional, can help with everything from whiplash to headaches to ear infections to allergies. Of course, a chiropractor also helps with lower back pains, like Sciatica. There are so many ways a chiropractor can help you, it is nearly impossible to list them all!

Health Quest offers chiropractic services in Rio Rancho

At Health Quest Chiropractic, we are experts at performing specific chiropractic adjustments. The first step is to come in and receive a spinal and neurological check up, so that we can assess your situation, see if we can help, and give you a specific recommendation of care. For more serious and chronic issues, we will create a specialized care plan ranging from a week to a few months, depending on the severity of your case.


Reclaim your life today! Health Quest Chiropractic services Rio Rancho has specialized experts that will provide natural and effective drug-free, pain management for any and all of your ailments, thanks to a combined 35 years of practice experience. We have four office locations, so at least one is sure to be convenient for you. Your treatment plan will be individually tailored to meet your goals, budget, and time requirements. On our website, you can choose a location and schedule your appointment online. We have helped over 25,000 people in the Rio Rancho area and we would love the opportunity to see if we can help you next!