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The natural approach to solving ear infections in kids…



Health Quest Chiropractic in Alburqueue NM treats chronic ear infections

Did you know…

  • Suspected ear infections account for over 35% of pediatrician visits in the United States.


  • The CDC states “antibiotics are not recommended to help treat many ear infections”.


  • Improper spinal position or movement (called segmental dysfunction) can occur during child birth or from a fall or tumble.


  • A promising study in the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediactrics show that close to 80% of children receiving chiropractic adjustments did not experience another ear infection within the 6 month period following their initial visit.

Patient Testimonial

“Justin always seemed to be sick in one way or another, having one ear infection after another.  His doctor was always prescribing antibiotics; trying to find the “right”  one that would fix it this time.   When Justin would get a cold, his cough would end up lasting at least a month.  He always had a “little” cough throughout the year that would never go away.  Justin is thriving in ways we never would have thought possible.  He has only had one ear infection since, and it snuck up one day and was gone just as quick. We all have our success stories, but this one, we feel needs to get out.  More people need to know that there are healthy ways to live; without chemicals and medication. Without Health Quest our lives wouldn’t be as wealthy and healthy as they are.”

-RUTH L. Albuquerque NM