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I love daily affirmations. I learned years ago that my mind will fill up with all sorts of garbage unless I am incredibly concious and precise about what I allow to flow in and out of my brain.

Lately, one of my weekly highlights are the days I drive my kids to school, and we do affirmations together. I have gathered all sorts of sayings over the years that we say together every morning to create a positive frame of mind, and strong sense of encouragement, and confidence before they step into the school yard.

One of the oldest affirmations that I first started saying regularly to my self is “every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” This quote always makes me think first about my health.

Health takes massive daily effort. Your health becomes the sum of all of your decisions each day around what and how you eat, drink, exercise, sleep, relax, and play.

Please do not be fooled into thinking that you can regain your health with a drug. Are people you know that take medication each day vibrant and healthy?

TV commercials will have you believing your health problems can be solved by a simple pill. If that was true, we would be the healthiest country in the world because we consume half of all the prescription drugs in the world right here in the Unkted States. We are one of the most sick countries in the world.

Your cells regenerate approximately every 90 days. You are just three short months away from looking and feeling better. You know what you need to do. Get to it!