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How are your stress levels this week? Most of us have a lot of stress in our lives. That stress is probably amplified more than ever through our smart phones, which seem to never leave our hands these days.

This is why your movement is more important than ever. There are so many different ways to move your body now that no one really has an excuse not to do something. There is truly some form of exercise for everyone. Still one of the most effective forms of exercise is simply walking every day.

The reason that we emphasize walking for our practice members is for the cross-crawl pattern movement that happens when you walk, swinging your arms back-and-forth.

Walking provides incredibly healthy stimulation for your brain. This movement immediately begins to stimulate the front, neo cortex part of your brain, and pull you out of a “fight or flight” stress response. Creative thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills can only be used when your frontal cortex is firing properly.

On a side note, this is also perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the chiropractic adjustment. Our adjustments stimulate the neurological pathways up through your brain stem, into the cerebellum, through your amygdala, and literally lights up the frontal cortex of your brain. Sooo cool!

Exercise also burns up something called cortisol. This is the hormone that your body generates under periods of stress. If you’re not burning that cortisol up then it’s sitting around your body causing you to gain weight, lose your hair, and age faster than necessary.

This is also why I suggest that you begin to hold more walking meetings at your office. When walking, you stimulate that front part of your brain so that your meetings will be more productive, with more creative results emanating. You will find much more productive outcomes instead of staying seated for hours on end at a board room table.