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Flush is a word that we usually think of in the bathroom. Your body, however, needs a good flush every so often as well.

We live in a toxic world. “Better health through better chemistry” has helped to create a chemical soup that we have to wade through on a daily basis. Just think of, or even better yet just read, the labels of all of your morning products to see just of how many chemicals we put on our bodies each morning. There is soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, make up, toothpaste, chemicals that coat dental floss, mouthwash, makeup, hair products, perfume, shaving cream. It really is amazing to consider.

If you have read this email for any lengths of time, you already understand that there is only one cause of all disease…you read that right. Any and all diseases are essentially just one thing happening…cells in your body are not working properly. We have a lot of different names of different diseases, but at the root of it, these are all simply different cells in your body not functioning properly.

Toxins are one of the major reasons that cells stop working. Those reasons are toxicity, and deficiency. If you are going to help restore health back to a sick body, then you have to address the toxins that helped create the problem in the first place.  This by the way is why an outside in, pharmaceutical approach, does not create healthier people. We can change symptoms with chemistry, but rarely can we restore actual health to cells.

Your body’s detoxification process starts to improve with one chiropractic adjustment.