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How to Find Relief for a Headache During Pregnancy

  Sometimes, the joy of pregnancy can be overshadowed by the pains and discomfort felt during this time. Nothing shuts down your life faster than migraine headaches, especially when you are already feeling “not quite yourself.” While you are expecting, it is not recommended to take pain-relieving drugs as they may transfer to the baby and cause birth defects, although this is rare. Plus, these meds may make you dizzy and foggy, making it dangerous to drive, work, care for your other children, and even walk. To find relief from these headaches, try the following:

4 Steps to Take for a Headache During Pregnancy

#1 Eat regularly. Eating the right amount of meals and maintaining a healthy diet will help prevent headaches. As well, drink plenty of fluids.

Follow a regular sleep schedule. Just like hunger, sleep deprivation might contribute to headaches during pregnancy. Get enough sleep every night, and be sure to lay down and rest if you get tired during the day.

#3 Avoid headache triggers.
Keeping a headache diary might help you identify triggers. If you discover that certain foods or odors seem to precede your migraines, avoid them.

#4 Manage stress.
Headaches are often stress-related, especially during such an exciting yet anxiety-filled time of your life. Be sure to find healthy ways to cope with the stressors, such as delegating tasks on your to-do list and taking time to have fun.

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