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Nothing shuts down your life faster than migraine headaches.

Our doctor’s understand it is impossible for you to live your best life when headache pain hits. Medications can create brain fog and are often ineffective.

Did you know…

 Brain stem stress caused by accidents, falls, sitting, texting, and even how you were born, can all create misalignments in your neck that can trigger headaches.

 This often undiagnosed condition is known as “Adverse Mechanical Spinal Cord Tension.” This source of migraine headaches is made worse when combined with chronic inflammation.

 75 trillion nerve fibers travel through the top bone in your neck- called “the atlas.”

 Neck pressure caused by spinal misalignments and inflammation must be corrected to address the underlying cause of chronic migraine headaches.

 Medication does nothing to correct this problem. Stop masking headaches and risking dangerous side effects with more medication.

If you have a condition known as “Adverse Mechanical Spinal Cord Tension” then we can help you. The first step is for us to run a series of neurological studies using our NASA certified technology originally developed to asses astronauts. These nerve studies will measure inflammation and muscle imbalances around your brain stem.

Health Quest Doctors of Chiropractic are specialized migraine headaches experts right here in Albuquerque, NM. We provide natural and effective drug free pain management with a combined 35 years of practice experience in New Mexico. We have four convenient locations.


If we find we can help, treatment plans will be individually tailored to meet your goals, budget, and time requirements.

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