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The pharmaceutical industry has created an “on demand” attitude when it comes to fixing a health problem. We want it fixed fast and we want it fixed now!

The problem is that feeling better is not at all the same as being healthy. Aspirin works great for making aches and pains go away. Opioid pain killers, now a top cause of death in the US, can cover up serious pain very effectively . But, at what cost?

Dentistry has taught us that having no pain is very different from being healthy. The cavity is a wonderful illustration of this. By the time you feel a cavity, it has been present for years if not decades.

I write this because each week we have someone leave one of our practices disappointed that we did not provide a miracle adjustment that instantly relieved their pain or problem. Believe me, all of our docs wish that we could heal like Jesus did- how fun would that be!?

Healing, and true health, takes time. The beauty of how your body was designed is that your cells are able to regenerate and repair themselves over time. The quality and health of your cells determines the health of your body. The quality of food that you eat, the quality of nerve supply to each cell to help assimilate food, how you cope with stress, environmental toxins, sleep, and exercise are all vital components.

There is simply no quick fix when it comes to being healthy. It takes daily commitment. We are here to help you every step of the way!