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Brain function is a hot topic. Does anything matter more in terms of our physical body?

We each live our life through our brain and nervous system. We heal, adapt, and repair thanks to your brain’s coordination of all cells and organs. Your intelligence, wit, and humor are all functions our brain controls.

Your brain is the ultimate software. Your brain is the operating system that controls the hardware that is your body.

This is why the chiropractic adjustment is such a powerful tool in regards to your health and well-being. A specific chiropractic adjustment produces a profoundly deep neurological input into the deep cortex of your brain. This firing of the proprioceptors from the midline joints of your spine acts as an upgrade to your central nervous system.

The adjustment causes the frontal cortex of your brain to fire more dominantly, which is that critical part of your brain that helps you with creativity, strategy, intelligence, problem solving, compassion, and love.

The chiropractic adjustment has trillions of other effects on your body as well because each adjustment acts as an upgrade in your brain, which in turn controls and coordinates each of the 75 trillion cells that make up your physical body.

Although both are called health care, there is a vast difference between receiving reactive “sick care” when something is wrong versus being proactive with your health and well being.  Regular chiropractic care encourages the brain to operate as it should. When combined along with whole clean food, regular exercise, healthy sleep patterns, and a whole lot of fun with your life, that is true “health” care!