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When someone is coming down with a cold, we encourage them to come straight into our offices to receive an adjustment. Is that counter intuitive?

One of the single biggest benefits from an adjustment is the instant boost to your immune system that happens. This boost occurs for two reasons.

First, your immune system is directly controlled by your central nervous system- your brain, spinal cord, and the nerves that connect everything inside of your body. If you have nerve interference, called a subluxation, then your body is not adapting as well as it could. An adjustment to relieve the subluxation will result in a boost in your immune system’s ability to coordinate a defense against a bad bug or germ.

Second, your white blood cell count increases following an adjustment. White blood cells, specifically T-killer cells, are the “pacman” cells of your immune system. These are the cells
that seek out and destroy any bad germs or viruses you come in contact with. Therefore, a boost in these T killer immune cells when sick is a big help to how well you right off a cold.

This is all of course why chiropractic care is the ultimate form of wellness health care. Don’t wait until you’re sick to get an immune boost. But, if you’re coming down with something, get over here fast!!