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Lookin’ Good Feelin’ Good

Last year I had a unique experience of a lifetime. I traveled to Encinitas, California with some fellow Chiropractors to attend something called Seal Fit. This is a training facility lead by retired Navy Seal Mark Devine, and it is designed to prepare people who want to make it through Navy Seal “Hell Week” to survive the experience so that they can become a Navy Seal. In our case, the idea was to get a touch of the mental toughness aspect required to become a Seal.

Needless to say, it was a very uncomfortable experience. I was pushed way out of all comfort zones ranging from carrying my buddy on my shoulders for a few miles, to being thrown into the ocean head first on our backs with locked arms in the middle of the night. (Did I mention this was January?!)

Once the experience was over and I was able to walk again, a few things stuck with me. One of the things that Mr. Devine taught was that it takes practice to take control of your mind when major stress hits. Rather than allowing yourself to go to a really negative, self-defeating spot, it’s better to have a happier place to check into when the going gets tough.  Having a few affirmations which you say regularly can really help out during times of stress.

While Mark Devine was swimming out in the ocean for hours on end he would repeat the saying, “Looking good, feeling good, I ought to be in Hollywood!” It worked for him, and he would repeat that over and over in situations when stuff got really stressful, as only a Navy Seal could experience.

What does this have to do with Chiropractic? The real answer is stress management. First, Mr. Devine, like most Navy Seals I have met, gets adjusted regularly to help him perform at his very best. We know that the greatest benefit of an adjustment is the firing of neurological pathways up into the front cortex of your brain. This is the part of your brain that is firing away when you are not stressed out and is where your creativity and problem solving skills reside.  When you get stressed out, you stop using your frontal cortex and all sorts of other survival parts of your brain kick in.

My recommendation is that you get adjusted regularly, and that you come up with a few of your own positive affirmations that play through your head each day. Much better to put in positive thoughts that you have picked out rather than allowing the negative ones that can so easily creep in during times of stress.

Rhythmic chiropractic adjustments and daily affirmations…two great strategies to keep stress at a minimum.