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Does medication make you healthy? If a healthy person takes 5 different medications, what will happen to them?

Most folks answer that they would get sick. So then, why would a sick person somehow become healthy if they took 5 medications? Quite the contradiction, in my opinion.

The idea that medication makes you healthier is a carefully crafted lie. We are, of course, never directly told that we are healthier from taking a medication, but, it is implied in the dozens of drug ads we all see each day as folks run and smile and laugh in the ads.

What drugs do very effectively is change your physiology. You can, for instance, lower your blood pressure by taking a medication.

But, back to my original question, does this make you healthier?

I say no. All of our docs see folks each week that come in looking for help with their health, for a wide range of reasons. These days the majority of people we meet are on at least one prescription medication. The simple truth is, if drugs made people healthier, we would not be in business.

However, we have a thriving, growing company. This is in large part because people are realizing at ever-faster rates that the medication they are taking are not providing the results they hoped for. Your health has far more to do with your day-to-day choices than it does your genetics.  It is simply a lie that taking a medication will undue years of bad eating, stress, or a lack of exercise.