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Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Rio Rancho, NM


Seventy-five trillion nerve fibers travel through the top bone in your neck called “the atlas.” When the neck becomes misaligned, from an auto accident or something more subtle, it chokes off the vital nerve fibers flowing to and from your body. No wonder you begin to feel such pain! Often, neck pain can even be the result of slumping over the computer at work or sleeping wrong. What starts out as a nagging discomfort, can slowly turn into more serious health problem and even begin to affect both your work and home life.


If you are experiencing neck pain, do not ignore what your body is telling you. Your body is trying to alert you that you are misaligned! You can begin to feel better, with the right treatment plan. Rio Rancho’s answer to this, and many other ailments, are the caring chiropractors at Health Quest Chiropractic. We can provide neck pain relief for you, delicately moving your body in a way that stops the discomfort.


To avoid lingering and worsening problems, see a chiropractor right away after an accident. A licensed chiropractor can evaluate you to determine what damage you have endured, and then recommend and perform treatment to move your spine back into place. Chiropractic care after an accident does more than adjust your back; it gets your body’s natural protection back where it needs to be so your whole body can function properly.


We provide natural and effective drug free pain management for those with neck pain, even those with whiplash. The first step is for us to run a series of neurological studies using our NASA certified technology originally developed to access astronauts. These nerve studies will measure inflammation and muscle imbalances around your brain stem caused by your car accident. You won’t find this kind of technology anywhere else in our area. Schedule your appointment at one of four locations today!