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We live in a world where health care has become a bit of a misnomer. Going to the doctor, more often than not, means seeking treatment for symptoms we have, and building a cycle of dependence: on treatment, on medicine, on finding ways to feel better in the moment. This approach conflates health with feelings, and can actually be counterproductive to your actual health. It is designed to push health care from the outside, to give shortcuts that do not promote actual healing and recovery.


Health Quest Chiropractic is changing this dynamic—not just in Albuquerque, but all over the world. We provide a genuine health care experience for our clients, one designed to make you feel good, but more importantly, to help you channel your body’s natural healing abilities. When you walk in to one of our locations, you won’t feel like you are in a doctor’s office. In fact, you may feel more like you are at a local coffee shop. The fun and energy that permeate the atmosphere come from who we are, and how we believe you should approach your health care.


The problem with treating your pain or disease is that this kind of treatment focuses on symptoms. Doctors who do this certainly mean well, and they do important work. But moving from the outside to treat your symptoms does not reach the core: the enhancement and development of your body’s internal healing mechanisms. When your body is functioning at peak capacity, it heals over time. Your nerve center detects and alleviates problems, often before you even feel them. You fight infection and disease before they have a chance to gain a hold on you.


At Health Quest Chiropractic, we are doing more than changing business as usual in the health care industry. We are calling for, and helping to create, a true paradigm shift, in Albuquerque and throughout the world. Part of this comes through our community education and outreach efforts. We love the Albuquerque area, and we work on boards and community organizations because of our passion for the people here. We want more than business success. We want to show everyone a better way to live, and to approach their own care. The health care industry is holding you back, and we want to change that.


Our education efforts are critical to our culture and our mission. Still, the most direct impact we can have is through our care of our clients. We don’t pretend to heal you. Our chiropractic treatment focuses on getting you right. Aligning your spine isn’t about treating your pain, though we do help you feel better. It is about setting your body to the optimal alignment to take care of itself, to function as freely and naturally as possible.


Our culture focuses on helping as many people as we can to not only feel better, but to be better. Health Quest Chiropractic works every day to help you maximize your health, using chiropractic treatment as the bridge that helps get you there.


Family – People related to one and so to be treated with a special loyalty or intimacy.

A.D.I.O (above down inside out) – We see this as the order and design of life, and health.

Love Mark – Earning our guest’s love and respect for the service we provide.

Simplicity– A state or freedom from complexity.

WOW experience– You will tell your friends about us.

Sharpening The Sword – Constant never ending improvement.

Education – We are first teachers, second healers.


We are more than just a team, or health care providers, we are a family. We consider both our coworkers, and the people that we are honored to care for, as our family. A family embodies the traits of affection, team work, communication, and loyalty. This means we watch out for each other, care for each other, and we go above and beyond for each other because we love and care for our family as we do ourselves.

It is a priority for us to know everyone’s name, to be present, make eye contact when communicating, and give out plenty of heart to heart hugs each day. It is our priority that we check as many children in our community as possible for subluxations in their central nervous system that may be limiting them from living their life’s purpose and reaching their full potential.

A.D.I.O (Above, down, inside, out)

Each day we feel fortunate to help people receive physical healing through the power of a Chiropractic adjustment. However, it is important to note that we do not take credit as the healers.  Your God designed body gets the credit for healing itself. We are a community comprised by people from all walks of life, that have united to help you achieve a more purposeful life.  It is hard to focus on your purpose if you have a health issue.  We honor the innate ability everyone has inside to heal and repair naturally.

We see A.D.I.O as the order and design of life, and health. Most things flow in this order. The world often teaches that the answers to life, health, and happiness all lie outside of ourselves. We believe the opposite is typically true.

Love Mark

Love is an unconditional respect and affection with no limits. We strive to create a healing culture of love for anyone that comes to us for care. We do not believe that healing can take place without a state of love.  Our offices honor and respect this belief and you will immediately see it reflected in our culture.

Our goal is to elevate the level of service and standard of care beyond simple brand recognition. We work to create a company culture focused on earning our guests love and respect for the service we provide.


This is the state, quality, or an instance of being simple, or, freedom from complexity. The more complicated our company becomes, the less powerful it becomes. We work with a complex body and within a complicated health care system. Therefore, it is imperative that our services, procedures, and systems are easy for others to understand for both our team and our customers. Our vision is to become the global experts in providing phenomenal adjustments in a loving and efficient environment.

Create “WOW” experience through service

To Wow someone we must differentiate ourselves. Wow means doing something a little unconventional and creatively.  You may even find us to be just a little weird-which we embrace! Our team wants to provide an experience that goes far above and beyond what is expected. Whatever we do it must have an emotional impact on the receiver. We aim for every member of our team to deliver “Wow!”

Sharpening The Sword

People typically fear change. We must all learn to actually embrace it enthusiastically and drive change. A commitment to constant and never ending improvement will help us to grow and expand our skill set so that we are ready to react to whatever changes may occur. This ultimately will help us create a better experience for our customers. We commit to continually improving ourselves. We believe inside every person is greater levels of potential that has yet to be realized. No matter how much we accomplish or achieve we will still always have work to do. We will never finish, we will never get it 100% right. Therefore, we strive to constantly sharpen and improve our skill set.

We Are Passionate Educators

We believe that we only have one shot at this life and if we must do something, we want to do it passionately! Our actions and speech will be both powerful and compelling.

Every person in our family, including our practice members and employees, has the power to change another person’s life by sharing and teaching the basic healing principle that your body heals itself daily. Any disease, illness, or injury is a disruption of the human body’s innate ability to heal itself. Health Quest is first and foremost an educational center, we are a healing center second.  We work to share our message to our community in everyway possible!