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Rio Rancho Chiropractic Care

Rio Rancho has long been considered a part of the Albuquerque area. Today, though, it sits in its own right as the third largest city, and one of the fastest growing cities, in New Mexico. Far from a mere suburb, it has emerged as a self-reliant city with citizens able to find anything they need right there. And if you suffer from back discomfort or pain, that includes chiropractic care. Health Quest Chiropractic has a location available in Rio Rancho, ready to serve all of your alignment needs.

Care after an Accident

In growing areas like Rio Rancho, auto accidents tend to become bigger problems; traffic increases, and motorists need time to adjust to the changing patterns. This unfortunately means that people get hurt, even if the accident seems like a minor one. The impact from an accident can jolt your body quickly and violently enough that your vertebrae shift. The body is made to withstand certain impacts, but this can create alignment problems for you.

The problem becomes worse in part because of the body’s coping mechanisms. When you experience a moment of stress, your body creates and feeds off of adrenaline that keeps you from feeling the full impact of an injury. You may come away from an accident feeling none the worse for what you’ve been through, only to start feeling pain or discomfort hours or even days later. The temporal lag can keep many people from connecting the pain directly to the accident they experienced.

The safer decision is to visit an experienced chiropractor right away after you are in a car accident. Health Quest Chiropractic will set an appointment for you to give a thorough examination, identifying any problem areas that may arise from the experience. We take the time to check your spine, neck, and surrounding tissue to ensure we find the sources of problems, even if you are not directly feeling them yet. From there, we will recommend and plan for treatment that you might need. Because misalignment’s tend to move to become worse rather than better, you shouldn’t wait to see how things develop. We will help you find the relief you need, without your having to leave Rio Rancho to get it.

Relief from Back Pain

Of course, one of the biggest reasons people seek chiropractic care is to find pain relief—whether that pain is in the back, neck, or shoulders. We tend to seek out treatment that goes right to the symptoms we feel. Since chiropractic care focuses on the spinal column, it makes sense to address the pain in that way. And in fact, chiropractic treatment over time can do much to reduce your pain in those areas, by adjusting and realigning the support structure your body contains.

The process begins with an assessment of what you are experiencing, and whether and how chiropractic treatment can help. Back pain is a symptom that could stem from myriad concerns, whether tied to muscles, internal organs, or spine alignment. If your spinal column is misaligned, that in turn can create problems due to the disruption of signals that should be flowing smoothly from your spinal cord to your muscles, organs, and throughout your entire body. The design of your body is one that, while it can handle most things that get thrown at it, ultimately works with a surprisingly delicate balance. The intricacy and complexity of the system means keeping everything in place is very important to your overall comfort and well being.

If you are experiencing back pain, you can make an appointment right in our Rio Rancho office. We look closely to determine not only the severity of your symptoms, but what the root causes of those symptoms are. We then plan out and provide treatment that is about not only pain relief, but condition relief as well. Instead of giving you a quick fix that alleviates pain for a time before you are right back where you started, we work to repair the structural conditions that create the pain.

General Maintenance

Beyond looking for pain relief, we encourage all our clients to return regularly for checkups and maintenance alignments. The body goes through a tremendous amount of stress over time, both physical and mental. Whether you are active or sedentary, you put pressure on your spine every day. In an active, vibrant town like Rio Rancho, this is even more true. Working, playing, driving, sitting—all of it impacts your neck and back, and the incremental impact you experience each day only builds over the course of days and weeks and months. To expect your body not to need attention through everything you do is to expect too much.

Rather than wait to feel problems, you can head them off by making regular appointments. Health Quest Chiropractic in Rio Rancho provides excellent care from experienced chiropractors. When you receive regular assessments, and regular treatment as needed, you catch small alignment problems before they can explode into painful manifestations. If you are a little out of alignment, you may or may not even notice, and shifting your vertebrae back where they need to be requires much less work. When you let it go for longer, though, the adjustments needed become more severe. You are more likely to start to hurt, and more likely to need significant treatment to resolve the issue.

Getting the right chiropractic care when you need it requires more than waiting to feel like you need it. By the time you do feel it, the damage is often more significant than it ever needed to be. Making regular appointments helps keep you tuned in to what your body is going through, and helps head off health difficulties that you might otherwise experience. If you live or work in Albuquerque or in Rio Rancho, make sure you build time with Health Quest Chiropractic into your schedule. We will help you stay on top of your chiropractic needs and keep you feeling good.