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Our Services

At Health Quest Chiropractic our services are simple and specific. We are experts at performing specific chiropractic adjustments.

Our basic adjustment rate is $55. You may pay for care by the visit.  We are here to serve you and meet your current needs.

For more serious and chronic issues we will create a specialized care plan recommendation for you.  These plans range from a week to a few months depending on the severity of your case.

We will advise you how we can help you in the fastest way possible and we build in cost saving measures that will significantly reduce your cost of care well below our standard $55 rate.

The first step is to come in and receive a spinal and neurological check up so that we can assess your situation, see if we can help, and give you a specific and uniquely tailored recommendation for care.

Something unique about our office is that we embrace cutting edge evidence based technology when assessing your spine and nervous system. Our procedures are evidence based. We rely on neurological studies utilizing heart rate variability technology, surface electromyography to measure muscle symmetry and balance, and surface thermography to assess areas of inflammation along your spine.

We have helped over 25,000 people here in New Mexico and we would love the opportunity to see if we can help you.

Help with…

Migraine & Headache

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Neck Pain

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Back & Rib Pain

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Car Accident Injuries

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Pregnancy & Children’s Health

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