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South Valley Chiropractor for Whiplash Relief

Need a chiropractor for whiplash relief in the South Valley of Albuquerque? If you’ve recently been in a car accident, especially if you were rear-ended, and you’re experiencing pains, you could be suffering from whiplash. Often after auto accidents, what starts out as a nagging discomfort, slowly turns into more serious health problems that can begin to affect both your work and home life.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash creates neck and back pain, headaches, or even numbness and tingling in your hands and toes. Very shortly after impact, in just milliseconds, the cervical spine undergoes what is called an “S-shaped curve.” This is as opposed to simply being curved to the front in a normal “C-shape,” as it would normally be at rest. The lower part of the cervical spine moves into extension (bent backward) and the upper part of the cervical spine moves into flexion (bent forward). When a whiplash accident occurs, the lower part of the cervical spine moves too far beyond its normal range of motion, causing the potential for injury to the ligaments and discs in that area.


What Can be Done to Treat Whiplash?

Health Quest Doctors of Chiropractic are specialized whiplash experts. We provide natural, effective, and drug-free pain management with a combined 35 years of practice experience in New Mexico. We have three convenient Chiropractor locations to serve you, all just a short drive from South Valley.

First, we run a series of neurological studies using our NASA-certified technology originally developed to access astronauts. These nerve studies will measure inflammation and muscle imbalances caused by your car accident around your brain stem. If we find we can help, you typically will not have any out of pocket expense! Whether the accident was your fault or someone else’s, car insurance is designed to cover such medical expenses. Our treatment plans are individually tailored to help restore your health back to pre-accident status, as quickly as possible.

Call us today at (505) 407-3084 or schedule online and receive our initial $250 exam, including neurological studies and your first adjustment, all for only $99!