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Sugar is some bad, bad stuff.

I say this with a long history of massive sugar addiction. In fact, those of you who’ve been following this blog for many years may remember that I made it over one entire year without a single gram of sugar in my diet (that I was aware of, anyhow.)  Certain studies have shown sugar to be more addictive than heroin by stimulating pleasure centers of the brain.

The reason I gave up sugar was because I began to notice that every time that I got strep-throat-like symptoms, I had a big sugar blast the day before. The correlation between me eating sugar and then getting a sore throat was too obvious to ignore.

Well, I fell off of that sugar-free wagon. Slowly, I started eating sugar again because, well, it tastes really amazing! First it was a monthly occasion after a dinner out, then around a special holiday. Then a cookie here, a lemonade there. Then, I finally made it back around to the big stuff…I hit the ice cream.

I had my first helping of ice cream in over two years early this year, while enjoying a movie night with my family. Two hours later, a raging sore throat inflamed my body, followed by three weeks of nasal, and then chest, congestion.

What recent studies seem to tell us is that sugar inhibits our body’s ability to fight germ cells by inhibiting our own white blood defense cells. Essentially, one good hit of sugar (30 grams or more,) and your immune system is paralyzed for several hours. Ever notice how your kids get sick after Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and birthday parties? Now you know why!

Sugar also makes you fat. Sugar is very easily stored away as fat. Want to drop ten pounds fast? Drop the sugar for three weeks. Starbucks, soda, candy, fruit juice, and most protein bars have absurd amounts of sugar.

The list goes on. Sugar is directly related to severe pain in your joints by causing inflammation, and diabetes through prolonged elevated insulin levels.

Sugar also feeds cancer cells. How do you image and measure a cancer cell? You combine a radioisotope solution mixed with a lot of sugar and make a person drink it. Now, any tumors and cancer cells inside the body will slurp the sugar solution right up, and a radiologist can map out the cancer in a patient’s body.

And of course, for our tribe all getting adjusted on a regular basis, sugar is a major cause of subluxation.  Your spine and central nervous system get kicked out of alignment when you eat sugar. For me, it is my atlas, C1.  When I eat a lot of sugar it triggers a headache on the left side of my neck underneath my skull.

It is simply not worth your health for that quick hit of sugar.