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What Does The City Of Rio Rancho Mean To Me?

Being a Family Chiropractor and serving the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque Westside communities means the world to me. Because I live in this community, I am all in. I want this to be the best city in the country, and I believe that I have the product to help do just that, make this a top tier city.

Our Nervous System Controls Every Cell in Our Body

We all live our life through our nervous system. Our brain is how we think, feel, learn, and problem solve. Our nervous system controls our immune system, muscles, cardiovascular system, and every other cell and system in the body.

This means that as a wellness focused family Chiropractor, I must be prepared and excited to meet the needs of EVERY member of a family. Whether I am working with the youth on athletic performance, with mothers pre- and postpartum, with adults on injury prevention and maintenance of nervous system function, or with people in general on health and wellness purposes, I take immense pride in serving patients of all ages. Health Quest Cottonwood is a place for families here in the Rio Rancho community.

Being a Family Chiropractor also means knowing and loving your community. Rio Rancho truly is “The City of Vision,” and the growth and changes being made on a daily basis really reflect the vision for a vibrant and family-oriented community. The schools excel academically and athletically, businesses see Rio Rancho as a thriving area, and families want to be a part of all this growth. I can always feel the positive energy in these communities while out with my family shopping at Sprouts or La Montanita Co-op on the Westside, or while enjoying many of the family-friendly activities at the topnotch attractions like Santa Ana Star Center, A Park Above, Cabezon Park, or Haynes Park.

Creating a Community

Health, wellness, exercise, and a vibrant lifestyle are each an integral part of us creating a community that is truly exceptional.
I am all in! Health Quest Cottonwood is committed to helping the expansion of the Albuquerque Westside and Rio Rancho communities by influencing the health and wellness of the people that are part of the process. Chiropractic is proven and safe to help every member of your family get well and continue to stay that way. When we all can function and heal through a healthy nervous system then we can all continue to enjoy and add to the positive growth that makes these communities wonderful.

Patrick Flores, D.C.