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Your Internal Environment = Health Or Disease

The germ theory is an interesting thing to us chiropractors. The world has bought into this concept that most disease and illness comes from germs. That is why we see hand sanitizer everywhere, and antibiotics are so commonly prescribed.

When I was in biology class we would take samples from around the school and see what we could grow. It was always interesting how the toilet seats were some of the cleanest areas, and how our desks often yielded some of the most disgusting growths such as tuberculosis and staph infection.

Stop for just a moment and think about that. There were staph infection germs on my desk that I was touching every day, and yet, I have never had a staph infection. I have never had tuberculosis either.

What does this mean then? What it means is that your health has much more to do with your internal environment than it does what germs you come in contact with. In fact, it is pretty ridiculous to think that you can wash away germs. We breathe this stuff in all day long. You cannot avoid germs no matter how big of a germaphobe you consider yourself to be. Many studies show that kids living on farms that come in contact with animals and dirt and feces each day are much much healthier than kids that grow up in clean sterile homes. It is actually a good thing that your kid has his shoe in his mouth.

What you have far more control over is the health of your body. Are you a breeding ground for disease and illness? If you consume sugar and artificial sweeteners on a regular basis then you are in fact a perfect Petri dish for germs to set up a home and make you sick.  If you regularly eat GMO fast food with tons of artificial ingredients, you are very likely a host to germs.

Have you ever noticed that there are kids in school that seem to catch every single germ going around, and there are kids that never get sick? These kids are in the same classroom, breathing in the same air. So why does one kid get sick and the other never does? Easy answer. The healthy kid has a great immune system, the sick kid does not.  Adults are the same way. Do you know someone that seems to be sick every 6 weeks?

There are many things besides our diets that create healthy immune systems. One of the obvious things that we marvel at is how chiropractic kids and adults are freakishly healthy. Talk to any of the hundreds of parents you see in our offices at any given time and ask them about their experiences with their children getting sick since getting regular chiropractic care. It is mind blowing to us how we all are somehow these outliers in society for using chiropractic care for better health.

Your immune system is controlled by your nervous system. When your nervous system is firing as designed, your immune system becomes a fortress that germs cannot easily penetrate.